Innovation in Fashion eCommerce

How to sell clothing that a customer has never thought of? Just show this clothing in a combination with other wardrobe items!


Style: Business
Event: for office

PickUp is a B2B A.I. powered catalogue navigation solution for fashion e-commerce. It is trained to generate multiple fashion Looks taking into account latest trends and customer’s occasion, color and weather preferences.

If you want to see how the service works, click the "Test PickUp" button

What is it

Super Shop–Assistant

PickUp is a tool, which can become The Main and The Most Favorite online assistant for a customer.

Style: Fashion
Event: for city
Сomplex Оffer
PickUp service analyzes full range of items in the online store and considers all preferences of a customer. In this way customer gets a more extended and higher quality offer at the same time.
Artificial Intelligence

PickUp is an "Artificial Intelligence" in Fashion industry, which is an absolutely new level of outfit online sales development. Thanks to the new approach to clothes selection, customers will no longer be lost in a wide range of catalogue goods.

Style: Business
Event: for office
Style: Fashion
Event: for city
Style: Casual
Event: for city
Style: Evening
Event: for celebration
Style: City
Event: for city, for party
Increasing the quantity of wardrobe items to 5 pieces in a Look you increase the main indexes:
  1. Avg. order quantity
  2. Avg. transaction value
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Accessories sales
  5. Sales of trendy items, often the most expensive in the range
Innovation in sales

PickUp is a new tool for online sales. Implementation of this service will increase the annual online sales volume of clothes, footwear and accessories sales by 20%.


PickUp service is designed for integration into an online store (B2B). For both desktop version and for mobile versions. Integration is possible on the "Main Page" (women's clothing section) or in the "Product Card", using the developed API developed.


Service can be fully adopted to the design of the online store and look like its own integrated tool.

PickUp Options
  1. 5, 4, 3 pcs Looks

  2. "Season", "style", "event" filters

  3. Product informationBrand, Price

  4. View of each item from a Look

  5. Favorite items or Looks saving

  6. Product card visit 

  7. Item fixation. Next Looks will include this item

  8. Style fixation. Next Looks will include similar item

Whom is it for
For those who are in the Future online sales.

PickUp service is useful for multi-brand or mono-brand online stores selling wardrobe items with each season range starting  assortment from 3000.
To make Demo PickUp service presentation we have taken about 30,000 photos of items from different online stores.


We have API for PickUp service integration into a customer’s online store.

Test PickUp
How does it work

PickUp service recognizes photos of seller's items


Selects items from a seller’s range and combines them into a total Look.


Each PickUp Look can maximum contain 5 items.


To buy or put item into a shopping bag, a customer can easily visit the product card by clicking the item he likes in PickUp Look.

Integrate into

online store


We will be happy to present all the opportunities of this service to you. We are sure, this will change long-standing online sales psychology in Fashion industry and “PickUp” button will become favorite for millions of your customers. Write to us!