Revolution in Fashion Retail

How to sell clothes to a customer that he has never thought of? Just present that clothes in a combination with other wardrobe items!


Style: Business
Event: for office

These ready stylistic selections combined in a total look are causing desire to buy. To buy it all at once! But 3 minutes ago, this desire did not even exist.

Pick Up is a B2B service of automatic selection of clothes and accessories combined in a total Look with different Fashion styles. It considers color combinations and weather preferences. Pick Up selections show pictures of clothes and accessories from seller's online store.

What is it

Genius Stylist

Pick Up is a service which automatically generates and shows to a customer endless amount of quality selections with clothes and accessories combined in total Look. Each selection considers Style, Weather and Color combinations.

Style: Fashion
Event: for city
Customize your look
Customer can specify/not specify additional filters to create selections: Style (for example “city”, “casual”, “safari”), Event (for example “for city”, “for office”, “for party”), Season, Color combination of Look.
Search around likely thing

Customer can mark an item he likes in a selection and continue selecting other items according to the item he picked/marked earlier. Pick Up selections show client how to combine and wear trendy items of wardrobe.

Style: Business
Event: for office
Style: Fashion
Event: for city
Style: Casual
Event: for city
Style: Evening
Event: for celebration
Style: City
Event: for city, for party
Increasing of visible to a customer wardrobe items to 5 pieces provides increasing of main indexes:
  1. Avg. QTY
  2. Avg. Order value
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Accessories sales volume
  5. Sales volume of trendy items which often are the most expensive in the assortment
Innovation in sales

Pick Up is a new tool for on-line sales. Implementation of this service will increase the annual online sales volume of clothes, footwear and accessories minimum by 15-20%.


Pick Up changes settled rules of “customer’s needs detection” for global Players in online sales. Transition from principle “to Wish and to Find” to principle ”to See, to Want and to Buy” brings online sales to a new level.


Pick Up selections attracts customers and they spend more time at sellers’ online store.

Super Shop–Assistant

Pick Up is an tool, which can become The Main and The Most Favorite online assistant for a customer.


Pick Up considers all preferences of a customer. It generates and presents selections by analyzing all assortment of items in the online store. In this way customer is getting more extended and quality offer at same time. It is hard to deny such an offer and a customer wants to buy it all at once!


Pick Up is an "artificial intelligence" in Fashion industry, which is an absolutely new level of development of online sales of clothes and accessories. Service is not trying to substitute stylists. Pick Up service becomes a free stylist.

Style: City
Event: for city, for party
Whom is it for
It is for advanced online sellers

Pick Up service is useful for multi-brand or mono-brand online stores selling wardrobe items (clothes and accessories) with each season assortment from
3 000 - 5 000 items and more.
It can be direct sellers or affiliates.
For presentation of the PickUp service, we took about 15,000 photos of items from different online stores.


A fast and convenient integration of Pick Up service into the purchaser's online marketplace through API was developed.

Test Pick Up
How does it work

Pick Up service analyses the assortment of a seller/affiliate and assigns certain parameters necessary for automatic forming of selections to each item.


Based on processed assortment, generates endless amount of quality selections of wardrobe items (clothes and accessories) with the aim to present them to a customer.


Each Pick Up selection can maximum contain 5 items of various kinds of clothes and accessories.


To buy or put item into a basket, a customer can easily visit an product card by clicking the item he likes in Pick Up selection.

Easy to integrate

in current e-commerce


Pick Up is the huge service for a global multi-brand or mono-brand online store. We will be happy to present all opportunities of this service to you. We are sure, this will change settled psychology of online sales in Fashion industry and “Pick Up” button will become favorite for millions of your customers.


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